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Kathy Bierma

Kathy creates from her home studio and primarily explores earth/ocean inspired themes and portraiture. She works in a variety of media including water-soluble oils, acrylics, inks and watercolours. Kathy exhibits regularly, has facilitated arts workshops in a variety of media, has been involved in collaborative and community based art projects and paints murals. You can follow her progress on instagram @KathyB_Art.     

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Trish Bonciani

I have been fortunate to have lived in many parts of Australia and travelled overseas to witness unusual and breathtaking scenery and wildlife.  The beauty of our land and seascapes are an inspiration to me and I enjoy painting them in different mediums. Also observing Artworks from diverse cultures with varying mediums inspires my own creativity.  
Colour always my driving force, I initially began my journey with watercolour, then acrylic, pastels and oils. I appreciate them all for their unique qualities. I also enjoy painting portraiture as much as a beautiful land or seascapes, trying to capture the subjects’ soul.
For more info contact me on ;

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Lesley Byfield

Lesley is an Arts graduate,teacher and a member of Wanneroo/Joondalup Art Club, TriggArt Club and North Coast Art Clubs. 
Lesley has exhibited in several group and individual exhibitions in galleries, art clubs and school exhibitions and works in acrylic, mixed media, charcoal, pastels, ceramics and textiles. She is dynamic and always open to trying new mediums and representing, in her own individual and colourful style, the subjects of our world.    
"I believe that art is a journey that reflects our constantly changing life dynamics and the society in which we live. It is good to keep growing, stay inspired and create something that is beautiful for others and ourselves. Art is a lifelong passion.    
Lesley has had a passion for art and has been painting since she was 15 and intends to keep creating for many years to come.

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Neil Chapman

A lifelong career as a Hydrographer measuring Western Australia's rivers involved living and working in remote areas from the Kimberley to the Great Southern. During this time I gained an appreciation of our magnificent landscapes, fauna and flora. On my retirement in 2012 I decided to attempt to capture some of that beauty through art in both watercolour and oil media. Email for more information.

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Ann Dunstan

All my life I have enjoyed arts and craft. In 1996 I was invited to join a group working with art as a post cancer therapy. Since then I have enjoyed painting and spending time with other artists. Although I love exhibiting my art, equally I enjoy helping other artist exhibit their work. In the past I have been President of WJAS,  now as President of Trigg Art Club promoting art and helping others exhibit and sell their art is for me very rewarding.

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Marie Hammat

Visual Art Teacher Diploma of Art & Design; Certificate of Art & Design; B. Ed (Art)

I use a variety of mixed media, experimenting with a range of processes. I love colour and the Australian environment. I enjoy exploring landscape in a nostalgic way, sometimes including recycled material.
I enjoy exploring a range of art subjects while using a variety of processes such as; fresco, painting, mixed media and sculptural forms.   
 Marie Hammat / 0417 990 812 /  /

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Marilyn Hamilton (BA)

Marilyn is an award winning multi-media artist who works with paper, textiles, printmaking, paint and collage.  Her inspiration comes from mark making and natural forms that nature manifests incorporating the sensuality of shape and form into her prints and mixed media works. She has been searching for creative, unimagined new ways to create using nature. Working with a range of materials from the raw, the found, to the discarded whilst exploring mark making.    
Her art evokes a sense of previous existence and continuing transformation, representing the fragility of memory and time, of the land and human life.  

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Michelle Henderson

Michelle loves the beauty and diversity of Australian flora and fauna. She was born here in Perth and a love of local beaches has led to her embracing natural ocean elements in some of her paintings. These include shells, coral and rockpool scenes. She also paints bushland themes including native wildflowers and animals as well as fantasy items such a stylised dragonflies and abstracts. Michelle works in watercolour, acrylic, textiles and mixed media and likes to show the wonder of small hidden treasures of the natural world in her works. 
 Instagram @Michelle Henderson Art Facebook Michelle Henderson Artist

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Gilly Huber

I was born in England but have lived in Western Australia for over 50 years.    
I have been drawing since I was a little girl but a visit to Rome when I was 13 instilled in me a lifelong love of the Renaissance, Old Masters and realism in art. I’m particularly attracted to the natural world and love to paint birds, animals and flowers, trying to capture the light and render textures with my brushes. My favoured mediums are oils, watercolour and pastels.   
 I have won numerous awards, including Best in Show at the Spirit Of the Thoroughbred Exhibition, and First Prize in a competition run by Australia Artist Magazine. I have also had four articles published in that magazine plus a fifth in the Artist’s Palette and been featured on the covers of both magazines. I have also participated in many joint exhibitions over the years and have hosted three solo exhibitions of my own. 

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Sandra Menegola

I was born and have lived all my life in Perth.  My art is inspired by sights that have taken my breath away with their beauty and I  strive to capture these feelings and awe at nature in my paintings.    My work is mostly in acrylics because of its versatility of use, but I also use other mediums.   
I have been painting for over 20 years and involved in art and craft most of my life.  I regularly paint with other artists who inspire and energize to explore new avenues and ideas.  Art is a never ending journey and I hope to continue on this road of discovery of learning for the rest of my life.

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Alison Ross

I live local and often paint local beach spots where I frequently walk or I paint places I have visited. I went to university to complete a B.A. in Visual Arts to understand what motivates me in the painting department. Painting is always a challenge and involves a lot of problem solving. I have been a member of the Trigg Art club for over 20 years and I have enjoyed painting throughout all those years. I have a house full of paintings, all of which are for sale.

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June Sullivan

Originally from Yorkshire in the UK, emigrated to Australia in 2005. 
Being an avid SCUBA diver and underwater photographer, Junes work is Inspired by nature, especially her love of the Ocean. By combining the two hobbies, diving and painting, she creates unique underwater scenes, working from both memory and photographs and sometimes just pure imagination.  
As a member of the Watercolour Society of WA June works mainly in Watercolour, but depending on the subject matter, also likes to work in Acrylic and mixed media.  
June has exhibited in Various local exhibitions and early 2020 took part in the first Australian International Watercolour Exhibition, held in Fremantle WA. 
June has sold work locally, nationally and internationally.  
June also holds regular workshops and will do demonstrations on request. Facebook: junesullivan_artist

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Mark Thornton

Mark has been an avid drawer since school. His favourite subjects changed somewhat as he got older and more competent. However humour was always present in his drawings .Being one who enjoyed humour wherever it could be found, a majority of drawings contained elements of cartoon and caricature.  
On ceasing full-time work some twelve years ago, Mark used newfound freedom to extend his drawing and took on the challenge of painting. He undertook some lessons with several WA artists and developed a passion for oils. Mark has not developed a particular style because he enjoys to paint a variety of subjects in a variety of styles .While favouring oils he now paints caricatures in acrylics and regularly paints commissions for special celebrations. Mark has also painted many commissions in oils, many of them portraits. 
Mark exhibits regularly in a variety of exhibitions, as he has done since 2010, and has participated in several art groups. He continues to explore new ideas incorporating different styles and techniques and varying themes, mainly in oils and usually in colourful tones. He believes that the variety of styles, techniques and subject is only limited by the artist’s imagination. 

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Trish Wheatley

I have been interested in art most of my life.  I mainly work with water colours however I have also used acrylics, pastel and oils over the years.  I’m open to experiencing all mediums and subjects and looking forward to learning more new skills in the years ahead.  I have exhibited and sold my artwork at various exhibitions in Western Australia. I can be contacted on

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